Video Spokespeople (Website Live Actors)

Words and pictures on a screen are great selling tools, but log on to any website featuring a video spokesperson and the experience of visiting that particular site just got a lot more friendly – and personal. Suddenly, word-and-picture-only sites become a lot less exciting.

A Video Spokesperson will set you apart from your competition!

Since 2008, Dental 101 has been offering the Video Spokesperson service to our clients. Not sure exactly what that is? You're missing something special! It goes by many names: video spokesperson, live actor, website actor, talking head, website attendant, website spokesperson and many more. But no matter what you call it, one thing remains clear - a video spokesperson will deliver a warm, personal message to your potential new patients and set your practice website apart from your competition!

Sites that employ the service have a "real" spokesperson pop up on any page they desire. The spokesperson greets the viewer with an overview of the office, its dentists, services offered – or all of the above. It's out client's choice.

The short sales pitch or greeting can be created specifically for those who might be interested in doing business with the practice. Or it can be catered to current customers. Those who don't want to listen to the pitch or may have heard it before can, with one click, make the video spokesperson disappear from the screen. At that point, the site become just like any other. It's easy!

With a video spokesperson (live actor) you can:

  • Add a warm, personal greeting to your website
  • Make sure that potential new patients understand your practice and its services
  • Make a personal connection with potential new patients
  • Set your practice apart from your competition

Dental 101 scripts the spokesperson's speech in advance in conjunction with our client, allowing for message customization. The script is then read by an actor or actress (client's choice), filmed, and the result is processed into a floating, transparent video and uploaded to the client's website.

Get a live actor on your website today!

The best part of adding a Video Spokesperson to your site is, well, everything! For relatively cheap, clients can add a warm, interactive sales person to their "staff," one that works all hours of the day, every day of the year. Video Spokesperson technology is still relatively new, but Dental 101 clients have been using it for nearly four years. Their testimonies generally share one common theme: Visitors to their websites are impressed at how cutting-edge their practices are. Such testimonies, unlike pictures, are worth more than 1,000 words. They're priceless.

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